POPSUGAR Must Have: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Every woman would love to receive a box of goodies delivered to her door every month. Earlier this year for my birthday, I received an email from my guy letting me know a gift was on its way to my front door. I absolutely love a good surprise, so I was super excited to know that a box full of surprises was going to be delivered to me very soon. Once I received my first box, I was totally impressed with the packaging, and cute card that described all the products in the box. The overall look makes you feel that the subscription box was personalized just for you! 
The box of goodies I am referring to is the POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box. Most people may know POPSUGAR for their different blogs related to celebrity news, fashion, beauty, fitness, and home decor. Now, POPSUGAR is in the business of delivering right to your door the hottest products in the same industries that they blog about! 

I am already on box #4, and I am definitely not disappointed! Each month, POPSUGAR sends me an email alert to let me know my next box is on its way. I love when the box arrives, because I always like to set aside time to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee to take my time to open and go through the items. For the month of July, the box contained goodies like a portable toothbrush, and Henri Bendel stripe canvas bag, which I absolutely love! The box I received last month included a Summer read by Judy Blume, and a sweet-smelling body wash buffer that is infused with delightful aromas. What is also great is that they include discount cards in the box, so if you want to order more of what you love you can do so without breaking the bank!

On POPSUGAR’s website each customer is able to set-up a profile page, which can be customized. You can tell them your clothing/shoe size, skin type, skin tone, eye color, fragrance preference, color preference, and personal style. Keep in mind, they don’t necessarily use this information to customize your box; however, this information helps them to know their clientele, and to determine what products to select when organizing the box each month. I would love to see POPSUGAR tailor a subscription box for men!

If you don’t want to wait for someone to order the POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box for you, then treat yourself. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Best Makeup Remover- Coconut Oil

While talking to my girlfriend, a few weeks ago, I started to complain about how long it takes for me to remove my makeup. It definitely feels like a process, because I am always trying to make sure my face is completely clean to avoid a bad break out. My girlfriend proceeded to ask me “Have you tried coconut oil?”.  I responded, “I definitely use it for the purposes of cooking, body moisturizer, and hair conditioner, but never to clean my face.” The following day, I used raw coconut oil and one Sephora exfoliating cleansing wipe, and I could not believe how easy my makeup came off – mascara and all! Within seconds, my face was completely makeup free, softer, and refreshed. I love a good girl chat!